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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Happy Ending as Philippine family reunites.

MONTREAL - A reunion a long time in the making finally took place early Wednesday morning, as Elenor Diaz ran into a loving embrace with her husband and three children who finally arrived in Montreal thanks to the generosity of a local businessman.

Elenor Diaz moved to Canada four years ago on her own to work as a nanny. She kept saving her money in hopes of bringing her family to Montreal eventually. She finally this year managed to save the 4,000 for her husband and three children. That is when the scam began.

A Manila travel agency took her cash payment but when the family went to collect the tickets they were told the tickets had been refunded. The travel agency was closed. The flight was scheduled for Xmas Day. But then along came a Good Samaritan.

When he saw on the news the plight of the Elenor, Montreal businessman Larry Modafferi paid over $5,000 to buy four new plane tickets for the Diaz family to finally be re-united. Finally Wednesday morning Nilo the husband and three kids landed in Montreal and the video is included here, Nilo Diaz said:"We are very thankful, specially here, all the people who help us, and the Canadian people here."

Elenor brought winter clothes to the airport but she had misjudged how much her eight year old had grown and his fit a bit snugly! Elenor said:."They are small because of long, long years," she said. "I don't know their sizes." But already the child Neil was outside the apartment throwing snowballs. Elenor was overwhelmed by how her nightmare turned into a dream come true. She said:"I want to give a hug and embrace to Canadians," "Because they don't know me but they don't hesitate to help me."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Capital controls could spark controls war -- BSP

(BSP) official said, adding the central bank would only consider using these barriers as a last resort. Very few realize that capital controls can trigger a controls war,' said BSP Deputy Governor Diwa C. Guinigundo in an email to reporters last week If
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Sikolohiyang Pilipino -- The History of Philippine Psychology

Generally, to some extent, it had been considered a given until a few years ago that when one talked about psychology, one meant the psychology of Americans. Asian psychology had been unrecognized, or at least, unacknowledged worldwide. The Zeitgeist in
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Montano confirms movie with Robin in June 2011

GIFT OF PAINTING: Due to persistent demand, Cesar Montano ended up giving away a few of his paintings during a media gathering Dec. 3 at his own Belissimo restaurant in Quezon City. The actor had invited some friends from the press for an advanced
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Manila schools receive English teaching materials from U.S.

The United States Embassy on Wednesday turned over US$ 4,959 (about P218,196) worth of English teaching materials to school principals of 103 public elementary and high schools in Manila. Each of the 103 school receive a pack containing books, back
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