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Monday, July 30, 2012

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Philippines: Suspected Abu Sayyaf member arrested
Fox News
MANILA, PhilippinesPhilippine police commandos have captured a militant from the violent Abu Sayyaf group who is linked to past kidnappings and helped Southeast Asian terrorists travel in and out of the southern Philippines, officials said Sunday.
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Election year is big business for Philippine gunsmiths
With election-related violence commonplace, the Philippines imposes a ban on the carrying of guns for six months, from campaigning to the proclamation of winners. With legal access denied, Filipinos simply turn to the many illegal gunsmiths who ply their ...
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Philippines captures top al Qaeda linked militant
Business Recorder (blog)
Philippine authorities have arrested a founding member of the al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group blamed for some of the worst terror attacks in the region, security officials said on Sunday. Ustadz Ahmadsali Asmad Badron, also known as Ammad or Hamad ...
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Philippine gun makers take aim from the backyard to the production line
As the pro- and anti-gun lobbies in the United States agonize over how to respond to yet another massacre of innocents, in the Philippines many want even more liberal gun laws to boost production of a small but growing legal industry. Guns have long been ...
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Philippine Supreme Court Holding Clarifies Constitutional Ambiguity
The Malolos Constitution and the 1935 Constitution both gave the Philippine president the power to appoint members to the judiciary, subject to the consent of the Commission on Appointments. Article 80, Title X of the Malolos Constitution provides that "[t]he ...
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Philippines preparing for free trade talks with EU
The Philippines is getting ready to start a new round of talks with the European Union on a prospective bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), according to the country's chief trade negotiator. The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), ...
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Philippine gunmakers take aim from the backyard to the production line
The National
MANDAUE CITY, PHILIPPINES // In the Philippines, they vote with their trigger fingers. Elections mean big business for illegal gunsmiths, who are looking forward to 2013 midterm polls. With election-related violence commonplace, the Philippines imposes a ...
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The National
Philippines attracts allies to protect biodiversity
YEOSU, South Korea—For its powdery sand beaches, crystal clear waters and extensive marine biodiversity, the Philippines is not only attracting potential tourists here but also great allies in the protection and preservation of its abundant coastal and marine ...
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Philippines to get 12 new patrol boats from Japan
Unlike the decades-old and stripped-down ships the Philippines gets from the United States, the 12 patrol boats the Philippine Coast Guard will most likely get from Japan in 2014 "will all be brand-new," according to a top official of the Japanese Embassy in ...
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Death of soldiers to inspire troops: Army chief
Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) -- Philippine Army chief Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista said today that the killing of 10 soldiers in Thursday's fighting with Abu Sayyaf bandits in Basilan will serve as an inspiration for the troops to do better. "It will not deter us or ...
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