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Saturday, September 29, 2012


In an inquiry into the AFP's programs that are to be funded by people's taxes for the 2013 National Budget at the House of Representatives on September 27, Gabriela Women's Party Rep. raised concerns over continuing human rights violations committed by various members of the AFP against women and children. De Jesus particularly asked for the status of AFP investigations into 4 cases of girls raped by soldiers from various units of the AFP in various municipalities, 1 case of branding of a child wounded in a crossfire as a child warrior, 1 case of child recruitment into the CAFGU, 1 case of a child tortured by soldiers, and several cases leading to the death of at least 6 children. In line with the ongoing budget deliberations, the Gabriela solon asked about the budget allocated by the military into its human rights investigation program.

"People's taxes must not pay for the AFP's continuing human rights violations against women and children. The AFP should make the perpetrators accountable to the victims and to the nation as it is the people's money that supports their entire operations. I am expecting the DND Secretary to come up with a direct order to the entire AFP command on Handling and Treatment of Women and Children in Armed Conflict. I also expect the Secretary to come up with a directive specifically spelling out sanctions for military personnel involved in cases of rape and sexual abuse against women and children," the Gabriela solon commented.

"People's money must be spent wisely to fund health and life, not war and death. As it is, no matter how intense the AFP propaganda machinery under Aquino's Oplan Bayanihan works at perfuming the military institution as respectful of human rights, women and children remain indirect  and direct victims of human rights violations. The DND must hold these perpetrators accountable and deliver justice to their victims," Rep. De Jesus ended. ###

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